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VBScript ReDim statement

ReDim statement

Level in the process to declare dynamic array variables and allocate or reallocate storage space.

ReDim [Preserve] varname (subscripts) [, varname (subscripts)]...


When changing an existing one-dimensional array of the size of the final to retain the data.


Variable name, follow the standard variable naming conventions.


Dimension of the array variable, up to 60-dimensional array declaration. subscripts parameter syntax is as follows:

upper [,upper] . . .

The lower bound of the array is always zero.

ReDim 璇彞閫氬父鐢ㄤ簬鎸囧畾鎴栦慨鏀瑰姩鎬佹暟缁勭殑澶у皬锛岃繖浜涙暟缁勫凡鐢ㄥ甫鏈夌┖鎷彿鐨?Private銆丳ublic 鎴?Dim 璇彞锛堟病鏈夌淮鏁颁笅鏍囷級姝e紡澹版槑杩囥? ReDim statement can be used repeatedly to change the array dimension and the number of elements.

If you use the Preserve keyword, you can adjust the size of the array the last dimension, and can not change the dimensions of the array.渚嬪锛屽鏋滄暟缁勫彧鏈変竴缁达紝灏卞彲浠ヤ慨鏀硅鏁扮粍鐨勫ぇ灏忥紝鍥犱负璇ョ淮鏄渶鍚庣殑涔熸槸浠呮湁鐨勪竴缁淬? However, if two or more dimensional array, it can only change the size and retain the end-dimensional array of content.

This example illustrates how not to erase the array of existing data, and increase the dynamic dimension of the array of termination.

ReDim X(10, 10, 10). . .ReDim Preserve X(10, 10, 15)
Be careful if the reduced size of the array, will be excluded from the element missing data.

Variable initialization, numerical variable is initialized to 0, the string variable initialized to zero-length string (). Using the reference object before the variables, you must use the Set statement to an existing object to give the variable.鍦ㄨ繘琛屽璞¤祴鍊间互鍓嶏紝宸插0鏄庣殑瀵硅薄鍙橀噺鏈夌壒瀹氬? Nothing銆?br />

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MAPGIS building a database of 40 Q (1)

1. County building a database what it requires?

(1) requires county government leaders on the importance of this work have a full understanding and unwavering support.

The establishment of county-level land use information system is a project of enormous scale, from data collection preparation, technology training, field change survey, within the industry to switch painting, vector, attribute entry, area control, error checking and Integrated storage and many other aspects, corresponding to each link has a corresponding state operating norms and standards, in addition to the unified arrangement of Ministry of Land and the norms and regulations, in light of local circumstances and to consider future work needs, the region proposed additional requirements for their own; involving such a wide range of such vast quantities of work, it takes a lot of human and financial resources, only a few people or a department to rely on is very difficult to accomplish. County government leaders in charge as head of the counties as well as the leadership team can dispatch the relevant departments and the township government to strengthen leadership in order to ensure the smooth progress.

(2) the need to organize a high-quality team of professionals.

After 10 years, staff turnover and changes in institutional reform, the province and land departments of the older generation land survey team has been depleted, while the annual change of land in all parts of the investigation, but always partial, sporadic work, a comprehensive, systematic land survey control protocols and technologies, new recruits for the land front to say, really need to go through a thorough and comprehensive investigation of exercise and learning to change. Rural land management departments are fewer, on the one hand deployed in agriculture, forestry, water conservancy departments composed of technical backbone of technical strength, on the other hand may also consider borrowing agricultural school students the chance to practice, through technical training, organization 10 of each township professional team of several people, divided into three to four groups for two to three months to complete the field investigation work, to gain the initiative work.

(3) careful route carefully decided to build libraries and selection of the unit.

Database for entirely by the land department to bear its own technical staff, you can experience all of the companies are building a database to bear, but this is not the best way. Because the land department can not short of technical personnel familiar with the application of MAPGIS platform technology, building a database of norms and standards also need to practice and gradually master at work, and building a database workload is quite difficult, this, no experienced it may be difficult to imagine; Moreover, the personnel department of land have heavy daily work, can not put all their energy into this one work, all the way to land the departments themselves are likely to delay the progress of the project, the fatigue tactical, slow years not finish the task.

All contracted to the company's approach is also undesirable, because they lack the understanding of local conditions, flexibility to deal with difficult problems is difficult, requires the active support of local technical personnel; and purpose of the database setup is used, if the technology sector land backbone does not participate in the work of building a database, the application will be to create difficulties for the future.

The best option is to allow the company to bear most of the work, under the guidance of the company's technology to complete a small part of their work; this way, with the construction of libraries in close collaboration and communication unit commitment, in the process have grown and technology forces, and progress has also been protected.

Choose experience building libraries and library construction credible commitment unit is to ensure the progress and quality of the library building key. Can not just listen to Mrs. Wang, the justification offered to buy melons, the company's performance and reputation, actual inspection is necessary.

(4) needs some funding to ensure

Expenditure on construction of libraries vary, counties have the size, map points of difficulty, relatively speaking, a number of difficult mountains than the plains. But remove the software and hardware equipment, a county of 30-50 million is enough. The costs are incurred in the return to local land use fees paid special expenditure is reasonable and has legal, Land and Natural Resources, Province National Land Agency of the relevant documents have clear instructions and, of course need the local government and financial sectors leadership to do some note.

2. Dongying Why MAPGIS as building a database platform?

Dongying City Land Department after several years of investigation, the final choice MAPGIS as rural cadastral system building a database platform, first of all because MAPGIS have independent intellectual property in the best-made GIS, and is the certification by Ministry of Land and evaluation, recommended platforms, widely used in the country; Second, in the land to the company and the State Planning Institute of collaborative development of land use database system, combined with the national standards closely; Furthermore, the company has a strong advantage to technology development support, software can continuously upgrade, the performance can continue to improve.

3. Dongying Why was shot as building a database of image map base map?

Dongying City, Shandong Province as the first batch of pilot units of land survey, carried out the work as early as 85 years to 90 years the city's summary, it has been 10 years now, after years of radical change possible, the data error increases, the use maps and dilapidated, the establishment of detailed investigation of the significance of libraries is not very big, and difficult and costly. Our province has 95 years of surveying and mapping departments aerial, 96 harvest map, covering the province of 1:10000 orthophoto image map, make changes using the survey data can not only reduce the workload of foreign trade and supplementary, and can correct the previous years and supplementary errors. The three counties of Dongying City, proved as building a database application of the data base map, three months outside the industry six months to complete construction of library work, you can establish a new land-use database system, and can directly in Agricultural Land Classification, Land Development and Planning, land resource evaluation and reserve investment, and many work, play-reaching social benefits, land management, follow-up to save the human and financial resources.

4. The main survey of foreign trade mission to change what is?

Land use change survey of foreign trade missions short tone paint, a word: land administrative boundaries, land ownership boundaries, to kind of patch to verify and adjust the boundaries of painting.

For the sector due to administrative Kansas, the adjustment of the dispute dealt with land acquisition, land replacement and other reasons caused by the land administrative boundaries and land ownership changes on-site verification, and to border the two sides recognized legal entity or legal representative of the scene community, sign land border worthy husband alone or cadastral survey, cadastre management as a legal basis.

For as agricultural restructuring, land development and natural disaster causes damage to other land use changes, site plan approval to class spot border, polygon partition should be the village as a unit, a village adjacent map site The same map should be compiled for the same spot a map spot number, fill out the field investigation log; for the changed field measurements of the width of linear features, linear features filled form; for sporadic surface features within the polygons, the amount test area, according to surface features of patch fill in sporadic form; and supplementary site for the new surface features, rendering and supplementary draft.

When the actual work outside the industry can do is to record in detail the investigation into the Field Book, and outlined the draft, to be back inside only after the collation of data, fill out the form and to adjust the outcome of standard paint painted to change the base map on.

Foreign trade operations, the key is determining the correct stand point is to judge their current location on the seat-shaped graph, if erroneous stand point, you can not work, or position offset; followed by selection based on the obvious surface features and supplementary points If the right choice, not only can reduce the workload, but also to ensure accuracy.

5. Ortho-image map how changes to the investigation?

Ortho-image map used to make changes to it should be copying the first two surveys, one outside the industry as a working draft, a draft as dwell within the industry. Draft work outside the industry can get to use, and written sketches only to stay indoors and to avoid damage.

Ortho-image map for use tone painting and drawing using aerial photos to adjust the operating methods of the same, but the projection does not need to correct, no conversion scale, the former is more convenient, fast. Working outside in the indoor first fixed to the map folder on the draft plan, covered with a graphic film, painted with a pencil to transfer the administrative village boundaries and the large-scale linear features through the paint out. To the field in the village under the guidance of the wizard to transfer the contents of Drawing and painting in the drawing film. For small surface features or drawing film location not plotting the correct content, can be directly labeled with a color document image in orthographic sketches of work outside the industry.

A village outside the industry, drawn after the completion of transfer, which should sort out information of foreign trade, pre-draft work outside the industry code on patch number, and to draw the contents transferred to a work order to dwell on the base map. Ortho image base map for the work is grayscale, only the black line is difficult to distinguish different, so the development work and written specifications. Far from shooting images of the specific requirements of the base map of building a database dwell.

6. Ortho image base map of building a database dwell transfer painted requirements?

Land Use Database for the base map, is building a database of basic information, maps and written essential. To do a standard, unified, to improve the quality of the results, according to surveys of land use standard linear order and with reference to the following provisions:

1, and written linear and color:

Ditch: the blue solid line plotting the center of 0.2 mm;

Public Road: black single solid line;

Administrative circles: red dotted lines (County community: a cross point; rural community: two cross 2:00; village boundaries: three horizontal point);

Ownership industry: a black short-dashed line is zoned 2 mm, spacing 1 mm;

Rural roads: black solid line designated 5 mm, spacing 2 mm;

Land type community: red solid line;

Embankment dam: black single jagged line;

Agroforestry: the green solid line.

Second, note: the regular font, size uniformity, the same interval. Linear features to note on-line-like features on the top or left, but the big exception of linear features (note the internal spot in the chart). Notes should generally be perpendicular to the grid, or parallel to the grid, or the like along the direction of surface features, and should try to make it neat and beautiful. Oil symbol with "Well," said uniform font size, hash mark in the well below the horizontal, "Well," the word shall be the location of the center of the exact location of oil wells. Note the font should note the following:

Last Stage Control District Name: Red 5 words in italics;

Ownership Name: Black 5 words in italics;

Ditch Note: Blue words in italics small 5;

Polygon Note: Black 5 words in italics;

Highway Note: Black 5 words in italics.

3, and written requirements:

1. Accurate and written to be careful, do not drain well, not expand, not shrink, without distortion, legible, neat, annotation and symbols in the same direction, font size and spacing uniform.

2. Pains to depict the sequence: first, linear features can be, the order after the massive surface features. Linear features of the dwell to be the first river, road, after the state, the order of land tenure sector dwell; block surface features to from north to south, from west to east in the order, and to the village as a unit, each in turn polygons series serial number, in general, in order from left to right, top to bottom number, and pay attention to do, "Woods clear, pieces of pieces of clear."

3. Dwell should be strict, all plans on-line program must use a ruler or curve board, does not allow hand-free drawing situation. Dwell time must be carefully, carefully, does not allow for a large scratch, smear, we must cherish the original image, properly used, does not allow folded paper map, and note line program do not succeed, do not miss.

4. Cartographic generalization: Based on the theme of the map, uses, scale and mapping the geographical features of the geographical elements of each selected and summarized to reflect and even exaggerate the ground that the phenomenon of discarding some of the minor and inessential things and phenomena. For example, on the threshing field map, you can dwell a little expanded, reduced, etc., create a more standardized graphics, but all the administrative boundaries do not allow even the slightest human movement.

5. Subject area within the map and written profile can not be out of range.

Four settlements on the map:

It should be noted that all corners are right angles, not arcuate, and the red solid line closed, pay attention to include all housing, while not large-scale expansion of settlements.

Ownership units in small, difficult to note its name, the word in black italics on the 5th note neat spot in the outer edge of the map, along with the arrows indicate.

5, linear features of the plan:

1. Ditch the blue single-solid line; road into road ditch, said the general; several ditches, roads parallel to road-based journey, based on the ditch to ditch.

2. To ditch the guide to the main ditch, the ditch is not on the road, but as administrative boundaries to road center line, or ditch, road as the boundary between the two kinds of surface features when the plan must be.

3. Ditch, drainage, roads, woods and four parallel linear features, no administrative boundaries, ownership, sector or administrative sector ownership to ditch the center of the world, and expressed as a ditch, a forest; administrative sector not to drain center sector, administrative boundaries of linear features on both sides should be on the map.

4. Uniform coding of all linear features to ring that is not in brackets, such as 鈶?-77-10, 鈶?-63-4 so.

5. Across the township administrative divisions of large linear features should be unified name, its name or number directly to that number of patch: If the spillway River, ID recorded as "overflow River", not to pinyin, such as ring 鈶?-77-30 said; Yellow River to the "Yellow River", said instead of 鈶?hh said so and so.


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Founder joint hits: not only Ganqingzuoyong

Qi Dongfeng (left) and Wang Zhidong to shake hands, both sides built "on the pro-pro."

Feeling sidelined

August 26, the Beijing Science and Technology from the tour hits the scene of a message, click on Technology and Founder Technology will establish strategic alliances, strategic partnerships will be announced from the overall image, in the highly competitive domestic IT market, fighting side by side. The scope of cooperation will extend cooperation to the product, marketing co-operation, co-application solution industry, service cooperation, ASP various aspects of cooperation.

Maybe people always want to Get Away commercial cooperation for money plus some legendary, or covered with a layer of warmth of the veil, so there is an encounter of those aircraft, the elevator conversation ... ... This time, due to cooperation The two sides - Founder Technology executive president of Qi Dongfeng, president Wang Zhidong and click technology to all of the domestic IT industry's man of the hour, so the presence of many people, weigh this in one click with the Founder of cooperation, which accounts for how much Ganqingzuoyong percentage?

In response, Qi Dongfeng's remarks revealed the true meaning: "Founder and click on the cooperation, must not only Ganqingzuoyong. Business is business, we will only select the most beneficial to each other are partners." As the domestic users as "invisible, intangible," pay when the software system, has always taken the "Stingy" style, domestic software companies have been facing difficult search for profit model, can reduce the cost of confusion; but now seems to live a decent hardware vendors , also began to face competition in product homogeneity, the profit is constantly thinning, the challenges of emerging markets can not develop. Therefore, in this case, as a software vendor Click Science and Technology and hardware vendors as Founder of cooperation, the author seems, in fact, the "emotional factor" behind, there is an even deeper reason.

Promote the interests of alliance

In developing new markets, obviously both sides are fiddling their own calculator. Click Technology is currently the number of vendors were on the OA, in the leading position in the field of collaboration software, now can not shake. Founder Technology is not to mention, has been firmly occupy the first two areas of the domestic PC top spot. But they also face the pressure of market development. As a software vendor Click Science and Technology, aimed at is extremely popular in the SME market. As a hardware manufacturer Founder, naturally, will not give up yet occupied a PC battle for the next battle - three, four cities. In fact, many SMEs are distributed in three to four cities. Construction of small and medium enterprises a low level of IT systems means that software companies promising. 3, 4 city computer penetration rate is low, the hardware manufacturers naturally have more space to show their talents. This fact is in the same market environment, the hardware and software vendors to push forward the great opportunity. Founder and click, at least in market development, find the same points of interest.

The product of cooperation, Founder and click there are some common language. First of all, users of information systems at the same time, of course, have to keep up with the hardware. Compared to other information system, OA system, PC demand is considerable. Second, the emphasis is on collaboration software, "a dynamic collaboration," mobile office will certainly be, Founder of the notebook also ushered in the opportunity. Moreover, if the system development, design phase, it will be hardware and software product features, etc. into account, gives the user the benefits are self-evident.

No wonder Wang Zhidong will with confidence, said: "Our collaboration software is particularly suitable and vendors such Founder." And this, Qi Dongfeng is the heart have repeatedly stressed: "We value the collaboration software is a bright future . "

There are no permanent friends, shopping centers, only permanent interests, from various aspects, Founder and click on the cooperation already beyond Ganqingzuoyong.

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With a good wind power, send me Albatron

If an enterprise to survive, its rate of learning must be greater than or equal to the speed of market changes. Numerous in the domestic training market and caught, how a training tailored for enterprise management solutions, enterprise management, heart untold, is where management must be solved.

Stones from other hills may serve to polish jade. Vancomycin eHRsoft2000 software used in Zhuhai, the success of Philips, looking for training for businesses to provide total solution management cases valuable reference.

About Us

Zhuhai Philips (full name: Zhuhai Special Economic Zone Philips Home Appliances Co., Ltd.), Royal Philips Electronics Group in China's wholly-owned companies, total investment amounted to 7.36 million U.S. dollars. Our products mainly include razors, hair dryer and other small household electrical appliances, is the Philips razor and hair dryer Asia Pacific region in international production center.

Case Background

Zhuhai Philips currently employs 800 people, both expatriates, also have local staff, the staff type complex, but because it directly followed in the management of Philips mature management system, so clear responsibility and authority, strict management. In order to promote the standardization of human resource management, information technology, scientific, but also to improve the management system of the company to better endure, Zhuhai, in 2003, Philips began looking for human resources management system service provider, the company built an interactive and smooth management platform.

Vancomycin technology company with its excellent products and over the years to help their human resources management experience in information technology, to stand out from many manufacturers, Philips won the favor of Zhuhai.

Philips Zhuhai needs and eternal Strategy

Zhuhai Philips suggested that the eHR project management to include recruitment, personnel management, remuneration management, examination and assessment management, training management, attendance leave management, employee / manager self-service and other major business management modules, and on this basis to achieve Corporate human resource management processes, standardized and systematic.

In response to these needs, the eternal that: 鍦?涓?overall training management module needs not only the Shezhi include training courses, training of application / Shenpi the flow process, Huan need to address how to staff through training Tigao the Jineng question, characteristics of the two Fangmian for Ge Ge jobs provide appropriate training courses and training system design, such as online training needs survey, the annual staff competency assessment, personal development plan, required courses, so that the concept of training management is embodied in the training module.

The specific process is as follows: Figure:

Can be seen from the diagram above characteristics of the system are as follows:

First, staff capacity needs based on the job, through online self-assessment and assessment of higher level, combined with the proposed position the company roadmap, to discover their own inadequacies to develop personal career development plan and can choose to wish to participate can improve the ability of the relevant training courses.

Second, the system can be summarized the staff to training courses for the company's annual training plan and make arrangements for relevant courses.

Third, the system can automatically send notifications to be training the training staff, training attendance records and automatically generate the table. Staff participated in the training, the training results can be recorded through the system, access to certification, and transfer the file employees.

In addition, the training system also helps users to training institutions, training instructors, training equipment, management, and may at any time by time, curriculum, staff and other conditions of the combination of the statistics generated training management, analysis reports, statements such as training courses training program completion reports, training courses and costs of periodic reports, statements of instructor training class, instructor, and feedback reports, statistics have not completed required courses, courses not completed staff reports and other types of statistical reports generation.

Implementation Effect

The successful operation of more than two years to prove the eternal eHRsoft2000 human resource management system has been in Zhuhai Philips played a huge role in helping Philips Zhuhai, on the completion of a management change. Its main features:

1, information sharing, the real integration of data

For the staff data, simply enter a Philips Zhuhai can be other modules in the system can be shared. In payroll, the system can automatically read the staff from the personnel module entry date, position, rank, etc. need to participate in wage information.

At the same time, the system can automatically read the attendance and leave the module staff late this month, leave early, without pay, leave and other information, staff from the evaluation module to read the assessment results, which greatly simplifies the payroll and personnel departments of the original data collection complicated work, and guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of information, preserved a complete historical record.

2, standardized processes, change management truly

Vancomycin eHRsoft2000 human resources management system, full use of the advantage, will all the employees of Philips Zhuhai into the whole management area. Employees, managers and human resources division of three roles, so that Philips Zhuhai every employee can draw their own user name and password to log into the system to complete its purview all the work.

For example: Employees can view their online this month's wages and benefits, this year's holidays, and to leave may make application; managers can view their subordinates in the online information, applications and staff instructions. Since the existing management processes Philips Zhuhai very mature, so leave, recruitment, training, assessment process entirely eternal eHRsoft2000 human resources management system have been achieved, thus rejecting the original paper-based processes in the human factors and cumbersome procedures, so that "paperless office."

3, high intelligence, truly become a helper HR

Philips in Zhuhai various approval process, the eternal eHRsoft2000 human resource management system can be prompted by Email and tasks in two ways, automatically suggesting that the process of a work task related personnel to ensure timely and smooth process can Shenpi conduct down.

The system automatically e-mail function to send information directly to bulk by Email to the relevant personnel (such as notifying the recruiting staff, to the staff payroll of encryption, etc.), greatly reducing the administrative management of work intensity.

The system automatically alerts personnel departments can be pre-set according to the number of days in advance, automatic expiration of the contract employees, employee birthdays and other information suggest to the personnel department, make HR management change from passive to active, effective improve employee job satisfaction on HR .

4 layers of security settings, but the business really worry-free

Philips Zhuhai data on the safety of personnel and the division of authority on the demanding, so eternal eHRsoft2000 human resources management system at the operational level, set the different users of the system modules, sub-menu of different levels of operational staff competence and scope of operation of the object the establishment of the log file, keep track of every user on the system operation details. At the same time, the system has also established mechanisms for regular backups of data and provide disaster recovery capabilities to ensure that if any unexpected Philips Zhuhai, personnel data can be "peace of mind."

Customer rating

Through co-operation to complete, as the selection of the project who presided over by the Zhuhai Philips personnel department and information department agreed that: eternal eHRsoft2000 human resources management system functionality and flexibility, strong functions of the system and posted the company's needs heterozygosity is very high, and in the process of management can support their requirements from a variety of management and approval processes, and employee self-service requirements. And again on our feedback, as a mature product, eHRsoft2000 human resources management system as high efficiency and good stability.



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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What is the Best Tone

"Best Tone" is all based on 114 units of China Telecom's value-added business, collectively, its purpose is to full mining and information integration based on user numbers, extend and expand the number of traditional search business, to meet the actual and potential users of the Class information query requirements, will create 114 units play an integrated information service platform type, differentiated services to enhance the advantages of China Telecom.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

ChinaByte Jian Yang: Dell you in the end Yuan Buyuan

Two days ago, the Internet suddenly burst out of a press report saying that an employee DELL in the United States to promote their own products, e-mail sent to customers defamation association. Of a sudden get everywhere on the network accused DELL voice. In summary, simply say DELL as a known international companies should sell things above board, mainly as a means of taking this too despicable, contemptible. However, such a message really worth so little of the vocal opposition by launching a campaign to do? I can not agree on this:

This is the company's behavior or individual behavior?

As we all know, the ultimate goal of setting up business is to profit, in order to make money, but to make money she has to sell something, make the difference, is to get companies to hire sales people to sell their products as much as possible, while the sales staff is paid and received He sold the product directly linked to the amount. Sales staff for their own interests, often multiple ways to sell products, to this end, the sales staff in the sales process tends to "do anything to account." The event is also the protagonist want to come just for this purpose into trouble of writing this e-mail. But it is DELL inspired you? I think this is unlikely. Imagine if DELL really consciously or unconsciously encourage his staff to use smear method to sell Lenovo products, then, to DELL's size, it is not the whole world is full of such messages, this was exposed, will not District 1 has only so. (And lest you suspect an e-mail is also the initiator of the authenticity of the time, place, person and other factors listed. However, this was more people think this incident is an isolated one, otherwise, just to let you easily find 1 DELL sales staff to sell products issued by e-mail on it.)

So, I prefer that the incident was an individual act. To such a DELL has hundreds of thousands of employees of enterprises, but because a handful of employees disorder, which were all tugging tightly, really a little too useless, too much worth it. A large company anywhere in the world can not guarantee their child Paizhuoxiongfu not for the benefit of all staff denigrate opponents.

Therefore, DELL injustice ah!!

Means of commercial competition in this wrong?

Back one step, even if it is dry DELL inspired employees, and that how can it? Which companies in the business competition is not to belittle rivals and raise their own? This is a man boast of his most instinctive reaction, is the most direct and effective means, it is now the most commonly used commercial competition tactics. I dare say, the world took place one day something like this there are no 10 000 8000. This in itself can have much that no one knows why the only this message is out, "the fan shouted"? And still cross the Pacific from the United States to take over things, "fan shouted" we do not see how their side Every day the number of such things happen? is not the only "inflammatory calls" the United States things can cause an enemy of the Chinese people and the same line then? before the burst occurred in China, "Lang News Event" tens of millions or even hundreds of millions have been The real money Wangchu "crushed", but also not seen a few people come out to BS-ing. Do not crow landed on a pig, only to see black people!

Therefore, DELL real injustice ah!!

E-mail history

E-mail to say this thing should be very private thing, the general no special relationship is invisible. So, how such a scary email on the "jump" to the hands of journalists, but also from the United States suddenly "jump" to China's hands. This thinking on Xiexing, so many American journalists are eating cooked rice in?

Therefore, DELL too injustice friends!!

If DELL is a Japanese-funded enterprises

It appears that not all Chinese companies because of DELL. Business interests of our nation, to the rise of the Chinese nation, we have to it down, down!

Having said that, I remember a while before the wave of China's anti-Japanese came. Kudachoushen the Chinese people to resist Japanese goods, smashing Japanese-owned enterprises, so that the relationship between a pile and the Shrine Meisha Japanese companies have spent some time really getting scared. I think DELL is not small in Japan thanks to open, otherwise ... ...

DELL, you still glad it, glad you are not a small Japanese open.

So, DELL you really do not unjust!!!

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

World Rally 3 cheat

RAW / Xploder format

To code

902C3EDC 0C0B0F70

Static Timer

2048B870 00000001

Unlock Car Evolotions:

Peugot 206 WRC:

003543CD 00000000

003543CE 00000000

003543CF 00000000

003543D0 00000000

003543D1 00000000

Ford Focus RS WRC03:

003543D5 00000000

003543D6 00000000

003543D7 00000000

003543D8 00000000

003543D9 00000000

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution WRC:

003543DD 00000000

003543DE 00000000

003543DF 00000000

003543E0 00000000

003543E1 00000000

Subaru Impreza WRC2003:

003543E5 00000000

003543E6 00000000

003543E7 00000000

003543E8 00000000

003543E9 00000000

Skoda Fabia WRC:

003543ED 00000000

003543EE 00000000

003543EF 00000000

003543F0 00000000

003543F1 00000000

Hyundai Accent WRC3:

003543F5 00000000

003543F6 00000000

003543F7 00000000

003543F8 00000000

003543F9 00000000

Citroen Xsara WRC:

003543FD 00000000

003543FE 00000000

003543FF 00000000



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